Ways to Learn Through Inquiry: Guiding Children to Deeper Understanding

Children 3-8 years
by Dr. Jo Fahey

bookLively, accessible and insightful, Jo’s book demonstrates how inquiry can look and sound in the early years, helping educators recognize and guide their children’s inquiries and empower them to deepen their understanding.

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"This book makes an enormous contribution to the fields of early childhood, global education and inquiry-based curriculum."

Professor Kathy Short, University of Arizona   Read More

 "This resource has earned a place for inquiry in the early years along with the Reggio Emilia approach and the Project approach."

Associate Professor Martha Lash, Kent State University   Read Full Review

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Outline of the book


Chapter 1: Inquiry, assessment and the Primary Years Programme
Chapter 2: Inquiring through read-alouds and responses
Chapter 3: Inquiring through browsing and viewing
Chapter 4: Inquiring through organizing ideas
Chapter 5: Inquiring through play
Chapter 6: Inquiring through drama
Chapter 7: Inquiring through research
Chapter 8: Inquiring through the arts




"Jo Fahey vividly depicts inquiry with young  children and challenges educators to imagine a new range of what is possible in early  childhood classrooms centered on learning through inquiry.  She shares compelling images of the multiple ways that inquiry can play out in the lives of young children when educators view inquiry as a philosophy rather than a specific set of procedures."

Professor Kathy Short, University of Arizona