Guided Planning

We provide guidance and support for the process of planning units of inquiry as well as discipline-based knowledge, concepts and skills. We also support groups working on innovative projects. Our aim is to empower educators to feel more creative and confident. Hence, in providing support, we tap into the knowledge that resides within members of the group.


  • Kelvin guides schools through a process of aligning mathematics curriculum and pedagogy from the early years, through primary to middle and secondary schooling.
  • Kelvin guides teachers in planning effective teaching strategies and resources for developing students’ enduring mathematical concepts.
  • Jo facilitates planning with groups of leaders, educators and co-educators who want to go deeper in their understanding of the ways children learn.
  • Jo provides input for leaders, educators and co-educators who are planning to enhance their outdoor/ indoor learning environments.

We both share strategies for transforming existing learning tasks into more creative and engaging experiences, as well as helping educators to devise new experiences to enhance children’s involvement and well-being.