Drawing on our experience and expertise, we partner with you in implementing innovative developments in your classrooms and school. We offer guidance in a range of areas to help schools resolve educational challenges and meet strategic goals.


Partner with Jo on:

  • Inquiry pedagogy
  • Facilitating intercultural understanding
  • Nature play – learning outdoors
  • Curriculum integration – STEM/STEAM
  • Learning spaces indoors/outdoors
  • Extending highly-able children in a play-based setting
  • The interfaces between the Australian Curriculum, the Early Years Learning Framework and the IB Primary Years Programme
  • Play-based teaching and learning for 3-8 year olds

Jo is well placed to consult with educators, having been involved in writing and piloting the Primary Years Programme in international schools, teaching in PYP schools, and conducting research for her doctoral dissertation and book in classrooms where educators took an inquiry approach to teaching and learning.

Jo has experience implementing the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum in kindergartens and schools, both as a teacher and leader. She has also taught all three frameworks at the tertiary level.

Jo Consulting



Partner with Kelvin on:

  • How to develop fluency in number facts
  • Efficient diagnostic assessment of mathematical concepts as the basis for effective differentiation
  • Problem-solving
  • Aligning mathematics curriculum and pedagogy across the different sections of a school
  • Inquiry pedagogy
  • Meeting the needs of high-ability students

As a consultant, Kelvin draws on over 40 years’ experience as a teacher as well as the other roles he has held: curriculum writer and reviewer for the Primary Years Programme, Curriculum Co-ordinator (Pre-K—6), Director of Teaching and Learning in a three program IB school (Pre-K—12) as well as Principal in an International School (K-9).

kelvin Consulting

What educational challenges can we partner with you to resolve?