About Us

We are dedicated and experienced educators who have pooled our complementary skill sets to provide schools with comprehensive support in resolving educational challenges.


Jo Fahey

Dr Jo Fahey has over thirty years experience as a teacher, researcher, curriculum writer and workshop leader in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. For many years Jo has alternated between teaching in schools and kindergartens, working in the university sector and leading professional learning for educators from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

While teaching in international schools in the 90’s, Jo became a curriculum developer for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, with special emphasis on the early years. On returning to Australia she conducted extensive research in schools, leading to a doctoral dissertation. This, in turn, led to the publication of a book, Ways to Learn Through Inquiry: Guiding Children to Deeper Understanding, published in 2012 by the International Baccalaureate.

With her passion for teaching and learning Jo has always maintained a strong presence in classrooms. By returning to teaching at frequent intervals, Jo understands the day-to-day joys and challenges that educators encounter. Jo is a strong advocate for children, especially when it comes to providing time and inviting spaces for play. She believes that children are capable and competent and have a great need for expression. Jo lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband, Kelvin, and their two sons.



Kelvin Sparks

Kelvin has a wealth of experience in both teaching and curriculum leadership roles in national and international schools. As chair of the Mathematics committee of the International Schools Curriculum Project, he was one of the curriculum writers of the International Baccalaureate Primary Schools Programme (IBPYP).

Kelvin discovered his passion for mathematics only when he started teaching. Since then, he has developed innovative teaching materials and refined strategies to engage, inspire and empower learners of all abilities. Over his forty-year career, Kelvin has worked to transition primary mathematics teaching from mechanical/procedural training to concept-based meaning-making and problem-solving.

Likewise, it was only in adult life that Kelvin discovered his own creative flair and his sense of the important role of creativity in the learning process. As a result, he has always endeavoured to enliven even the more mundane learning tasks with a dash of creativity that adds spice and breeds a joy of learning that is infectious.

Kelvin is currently working as an educational consultant in Mathematics and Creativity. He is married to Jo Fahey, acknowledged inquiry researcher and early childhood expert.