The Power of Play: International Conversations

Facilitated by Dr. Jo Fahey

Have you ever wondered what play looks like in different countries and settings?

Do you question how you will find enough time for children to explore concepts, acquire knowledge and skills, and follow their interests and passions through the PLAY that comes so naturally to them? Join Dr. Jo Fahey as she and 12 international educators journey through four unique online modules that will provide you with a strong foundational understanding of the Power of Play, and its various forms in both indoor and outdoor settings around the world.

We know that the research shows that play can improve children's abilities to plan, organize, get along with others, and regulate emotions. Yet, the push for academic standards all too often threatens children's right to play. 'The Power of Play: International Conversations' course is designed to help you understand the far-reaching benefits of play for the 3-8 year old children you teach, and to advocate for their right to it. This course will challenge your thinking, inspire you and your children to push the boundaries and encourage you to reimagine the POWER of PLAY!

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