Fostering Intercultural Understanding in our times (3-7 years)

Facilitated by Jo Fahey

Intercultural understanding has rarely been more important than now. It is vital that we live in peace and harmony with others from different backgrounds and religions.

Children will follow the lead from caring adults in their environment. When adults value diversity, acknowledge differences as well as similarities and treat everyone with respect, then children will take on the values they see modelled.

Jo will focus on:

  • Stories as a powerful way of involving children in intercultural understanding
  • Children exploring different aspects of each others’ languages and cultures
  • Embedding elements of intercultural understanding in everyday routines and rituals in the early childhood setting
  • The use of intercultural artefacts in socio-dramatic play, exploration and research
  • Co-playing with children to model aspects of intercultural understanding

Jo’s workshop will illustrate how socio-dramatic play can naturally lead to authentic opportunities for children to develop intercultural understanding. As always, examples of how children naturally engage with literacy and numeracy will be embedded in the workshop. Come along with your ideas and a text to share that you feel promotes intercultural understanding.

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