Opportunities for spontaneous literacy and numeracy in children’s play (3-7 years)

Facilitated by Jo Fahey

Children naturally make marks, symbols and other graphical representations to convey their ideas and feelings. When we provide the provocations and the tools we are often amazed at the depth of thinking and knowledge that children show us. If we want children to engage in literacy and numeracy in natural, authentic ways in their play then what resources do we need to provide?

By play-watching and seeing what children use and how they use it, we can extend their thinking and actions.

In this workshop Jo will explore:

  • The holistic nature of young children’s learning
  • How educators can support rich play and graphicacy – graphical representations
  • How educators can support children as readers, writers, speakers, listeners, viewers, presenters and mathematicians
  • Empowering children to show us what they know about literacy and numeracy
  • Giving children choices
  • Fostering children’s creativity

If you have examples of children’s spontaneous literacy and numeracy in any form please bring them along to share in your small groups.

Contact Jo Fahey: [email protected]
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