Colegio Colombo BritánicoDear Jo,

I just wanted to thank you for exemplifying what true agency means by giving us, as teachers, the chance to use our own voice in so many ways during this course.

I have been able to watch all your videos! It takes me a while to watch them because I want to write down and highlight every word! Every second of them is so valuable and resonates with me in many ways.

Every lesson of your course has had an immediate impact on my teaching. Every time I address reading and writing now with my First Graders, I make small but meaningful adjustments inspired by the course and am in awe of the responses I get from the children.

It has been a while since there's been this much consensus among us at school, in regards to a course we've received, everyone has loved it!

I hope many more teachers around the world can benefit from it. Thank you for rekindling my belief in my students!

Jayá Bookwalter
First Grade Teacher
Colegio Colombo Británico
Cali, Colombia